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CENTRIC Will Show FOUR Machines at ExpoMaq 2016

CENTRIC is showing FOUR new machines at EXPOMAQ 2016 at POLIFORUM LEÓN from 12th April to 15th April 2016.  The machines will be running live cutting demos and our knowledgeable sales and applications engineers will be available to answer any questions that you may have.

The machines on display include:

HX-250G Dual Pallet Horizontal Machining Center

- 10" x 10" Pallet Size 
- 2-station Rotating Pallet System
- 220lb Table Load
- Full 4th Axis Rotary Table
- 15,000rpm Dual-Contact Spindle
- 40-tool ATC
- CTS-Ready

BROTHER R450X1 Compact Machining Center

- 600 x 300mm Table Size (each side)
- 450 x 320 x 305mm X, Y, Z Travel
- 180 degree turntable
- 10,000rpm Spindle
- 14-tool ATC
- 0.8 sec Tool-to-tool/1.7 sec Chip-to-chip
- 50m/min rapids - all axes

NOMURA NN-20J2 Swiss Style Lathe

20J2 is a highly flexible machine with a sub-spindle that comes standard with 6 O. D. tools, 4 static front/back drilling stations and 5 live cross drill/mill spindles for the main spindle. The sub- spindle has 3 static back drilling tools, 2 O. D. tools, 3 live cross drill/mill tools and 3 live off-center drill/mill tools. Both the main and back spindles come standard with a .001 degree C-Axis.
- 20mm Max Bar Stock Diameter
- 10,000 Spindle Speed
- 26 Tool Stations
- 8 Total Axes
- 36m/min Feed Rate


The LTC-20D is offers exceptional value for medium to high volume production turning.
- Excellent Stability and Rigidity
- 30 Degree Slant Bed
- High Precision Spindle with Massive Headstock
- Heavy Duty 12-station Hydraulic Turret
- 8" Chuck
-19.7" Swing
- Rigid Tailstock

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