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UGint High Speed, Compact Machining Centers (Drilling/Tapping)

UGint, a Korean machine tool builder, is quickly becoming a global leader in the technological and engineering advancement the machine tool industry.Backed by extensive resources, the company has become an award-winning manufacturer of High Speed, Vertical Machining Centers. This grown is largely supported by UGint's commitment to Research and Development and its focus on its core strengths in High Speed Machining.  UGint takes the time to truly understand the needs of the customers and then designs machines that meet those needs.

Additionally, UGint uses only the highest quality materials and components in the manufacture of their machines. The axes move via pre-tensioned and double anchored ball screws and high quality LM guides and advance using industry-leading servo motors that allow for speeds of 60m/sec.  Acceleration and deceleration is 1G.  Combined, these features can substantially reduce cutting time.  

UGint's family of High Speed, Compace Vertical Machining Centers offers the ideal solution for many applications including high volume automotive and IT parts, as well as precision molds and dies.
Brands we Offer Brother Leadwell Exact Fidia Nomura Po Ly Gim Kitamura