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LEADWELL's mission is to constantly search for excellence and gain respect in the industry. They use their 33+ years of experience, to bring innovation, quality assurance, world-class after sales service, and environmentally friendly machine tools to the worldwide marketplace.
A strong Research & Development department and quick time-to-market, has helped LEADWELL to become a leader in the machine tool industry in Taiwan and throughout the world.

LEADWELL machining centers consistently demonstrate their great potential for meeting the challenge of achieving the highest possible production efficiency and quality within a limited time frame by operating quickly and efficiently to cut materials fast, smoothly and accurately.

They offer a large range of lathes to meet almost any turning requirement, that are carefully designed and engineered for superior reliability. 

LEADWELL demands that their Quality Control testing be intense and through. Excellence is the minimum acceptable standard at LEADWELL. 
Brands we Offer Brother Leadwell Exact Fidia Nomura Po Ly Gim Kitamura