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High Speed Multi-Axis Milling

High speed, Multi-axis milling machines are ideal for the mold industry, as well as many automotive and aerospace applications. Sizes ranges from small-footprint machines for machining small part and small production batches to gantry machines for milling very large aerospace components or molds.

Fidia offers five different types of high-speed machines, differentiated by size, and application.

HS644 Series:  

High Speed Milling system suitable for the machining of small parts. Its versatility makes it ideal for the machining of both inserts for plastic injection moulds, forging dies, models, and electrodes, and even for small productions batches.

G996 Series: 

Compact upper gantry milling system characterized by its impressive and strong monolithic structure. It allows for the 100% machining of small and medium-size workpieces, regardless material stiffness and toughness.


5 axes High Speed Milling line specifically designed for both large plastic injection molds and aeronautical components. The bed type machine structure allows for the best supervision of all machining operations.


High Speed Milling systems specifically designed for both the 3+2 and 5 axes finishing of surfaces. The high speed spindle rotation of the D-series ensures excellent surface quality.

GTF Series: 

The GTF Gantry Line is characterized by a large working area. These machines combines High Speed performance with extreme rigidity and stability for the most demanding application.





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