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Large Capacity, Heavy Duty Lathes

CENTRIC offers a complete line of heavy duty and large sized lathes for specialized turning applications. These machines are designed and for the turning extra-long and large diameter workpieces. Primary industries for these specialized lathes include shipbuilding, power generation, steam turbines, construction equipment, and large industrial motors. The lathes can be customize to meet your precise requirements.

SA & SS Series Large Capacity Lathes: 

These 45- and 60-degree slant-bed lathes offer a rugged construction, massive tailstock, precision spindle and fast, precise turret. Sizes run from 27.5 to 45 sings over bed, and 1 meter to 5 meter distance between centers.

CN, BN, LC and KAN Series Large Capacity, Flat Bed CNC Lathes: 

These dependable flat-bed lathes enable heavy-duty, high productivity, precision turning. Their massive and rugged construction provide years of worry-free operation. Sizes run from 35 to 80 swings over bed, and 1 meter to 20 meter distance between centers.

PA, PB, and PC Series Large Capacity, Gap Bed Manual Lathes: 

These heavy-duty, Gap Lathes are designed and engineered to allow you to turn heavy parts smoothly and efficiently. Their massive construction ensures maximum stability while performing heavy duty cutting operations. Sizes run from 52 to 103 swings over gap, and 1.5 meter to 20 meter distance between centers.

PH and PK Series Large Capacity Manual Lathes: 

These heavy-duty, Manual Lathes deliver extremely powerful cutting capability and maximum rigidity. They are ideal for machining large parts required in mining, steel refining, power generation, papermaking, shipbuilding and industrial machinery.. Sizes run from 51 to 117 swings over bed, and 3 meter to 20 meter distance between centers.

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