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Compact Machining Centers (Drilling/Tapping)

In today's world of global competition, every second matters. That is why the Brother machining centers are designed to be more agile, faster and reliable than any other machine in its class.

With over 40 years of accumulated experience and machining expertise, Brother is able to create high-performance machines for practical use. Creating machines from the user perspective, Brother has designed, built and patented the simplest, fastest and most reliable products that money can buy.

While focusing on mass production of products from the automobile and general machine industries to the IT industry, Brother Compact Machining Centers support any type of parts machining, from machining of next generation advanced precision parts leading, to fully utilizing the features of #30 spindle machines for high-speed, high-cost-performance machining. High-performance #30 spindle machines are fully capable of machining medium sized parts that are generally machined by larger machining centers. They are also capable of drilling and milling, in addition to tapping

Brands we Offer Brother Leadwell Exact Fidia Nomura Po Ly Gim Kitamura